August 22, 2020

Back-to-School Essentials to Pack in Your Kid’s Bag, According to Teachers

By moncl320me

Pencils, animal erasers, and lunch boxes used to top fall shopping lists, but things are vastly different now, and many parents are left wondering what really are back-to-school essentials during the coronavirus.

In an effort to keep students, educators, and staff safe (while also providing as normal a learning environment as possible), many school district leaders and teachers spent the summer preparing classrooms according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s safety protocols. As with other attempted reopenings, it’s unclear how in-person schooling will play out, but to stay prepared, we spoke to teachers across the country to hear what back-to-school essentials they recommend packing for children headed back to the classroom.

From travel-size hand sanitizer to personalized notebooks and pencil cases, keep reading for a list of 10 teacher-approved essentials to consider in addition to the advice of your school’s administrators and CDC guidelines. (P.S.: Should you decide that remote schooling is a better option for your family, we rounded up products that could be useful for distancing learning.)

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Smartly Lunch Storage Bags
We’re all trying to be more sustainable these days, but reusable bags (or lunch boxes) may bring home unwanted germs if not cleaned properly at school. Jamie Lincow, an 11th- and 12th-grade teacher, finds disposable lunch bags more useful: “Get back to basics with the brown-paper-bag lunch. No more cute fabric lunch boxes this year. While we typically reuse and recycle in our household, eliminating the back-and-forth contamination between school and home will be important. My own kids will be doing everything disposable and have been instructed to toss everything from their lunch after they are finished, so I would recommend the same of other parents to keep any possible contamination risk low.”