June 11, 2020

Beach Essentials to Pack for Labor Day Weekend

By moncl320me

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Summer’s almost over, and many of us are spending its final days soaking up all the sunshine we can. If you’re already near water and have your beach essentials ready for Labor Day weekend, bravo. But if you’re not as prepared and still want to hotfoot it to the shore for a socially distant getaway, consider this your beach-bag packing list.

It’s been a hard, strange summer, which is why a long weekend filled with soothing ocean sounds and engaging beach reads can help rewire your brain just in time for fall. Like zipping through parks or visiting national campsites, going to the beach can be a great way to experience the outdoors from a responsible distance. The crashing waves await, so shop these 22 beach essentials below.

Beach-bag mainstays
At the bare minimum, your tote should include a towel and today’s essentials: hand sanitizer and face mask. Some form of entertainment, like a book or low-key game, will keep you busy in between taking a dip and sipping coconut water with pruned fingers. If you want to be extra cautious, small soccer cones can help you maintain a six-foot distance around your group—and you can repurpose them for the park or picnics post-beach-day.
Sunscreen and lip balm
We wouldn’t let you go to the beach without SPF (especially not if you’ve been cooped up, blasting the AC for the last 60+ days). Cover all your bases with sunscreen for your face, lips, and body—then bring a bottle of soothing aloe mist for some after-sun skin hydration.