April 13, 2020

Face Mask Chains for Staying Socially Distant in Style

By moncl320me

Face masks are a necessary look, but face mask chains are a next-level vibe. The stylish utility trend is having a moment on Instagram, and it’s easy to see why so many people have gotten behind the accessory. They’re just like sunglasses holders, but for your reusable cotton or silk face masks.

Face mask chains clip onto your ear loops, dangle effortlessly below your chin, and lie gracefully on your chest like an oversized necklace. Apart from being another pretty piece of jewelry, they help keep your mask on you at all times—while also solving the ear dangle or chin strap situation you may resort to when temporarily pulling your mask off.
For something that’s become such a large part of our daily life, odds are you’re still getting used to bringing a face covering with you, well, everywhere. And if you’re looking for a simple accessory to make toting your mask easier or want to jazz up your socially distant look, this trend has plenty going for it. Plus, if and when face masks become a distant memory, you can repurpose them for keeping your sunglasses close by.

The variety of face mask chain styles is growing by the day, so whether you’re feeling those pearly accents, dainty daisies, or actual gold chains—we have options. Shop our favorite face mask chains below.

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