February 11, 2020

How to Dress ’90s the Right Way in 2020

By moncl320me

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Throwback trends are always in and out of fashion, but one quick scroll through Instagram proves that learning how to dress ‘90s will score you major points in 2020—and won’t make you look like you were plucked straight out of a Delia’s catalog (RIP). Influencers and celebrities are sticking to the relaxed, sporty, and downright cool quality of the decade, which meshes remarkably well with mild temps of autumn and falls in line with quarantine’s effect on fashion as a whole.

Formfitting clothing has essentially flown out the window (save for a snug white tank top and bike shorts), and low-key ’90s style feels even more relevant during the strange times we’re living in.

Stylish ’90s kids like Emily Ratajwowski and Zoë Kravitz are keeping their childhood close to their closets and Instagram up-and-comers, like Gen Z fave Devon Carlson, are following suit. The list of ’90s-inspired trends seeing a revival is long, so we’re homing in on five trends that feel especially fresh for fall 2020. From utility pants to hair accessories and miniskirts you might wear for a Cher Horowitz Halloween costume, shop five looks that demonstrate how to dress ’90s like a pro.
You couldn’t watch the VMAs in the ’90s without spotting cargo pants. The roomy staple was a regular pick for pop stars like Aaliyah, TLC, and the Spice Girls. And now, when weekend outings consist of grocery store runs and mental health walks, the low-key pants are especially fitting. Plus, who doesn’t need some extra pocket room for added mask storage—or to ditch your bag altogether.